Time Management

Modern time management, in many companies, already requires a cost efficient workforce management plan which is orientated towards the effective planning of the employees. As well as pure time and attendance recording, as the basis of the monthly payroll, future personnel resourcing costs and personnel deployment planning, the time management software offers significant advantages towards employee retention.
When employees are actively involved in the flexible planning of their working time they will find that the balance between work and their private life is easier to cope with. Employees are therefore happier and more motivated.

The LUMA time management software offers you the optimal requirements to fulfil the tasks and demands of comprehensive time management in your company. Due to the holistic approach of LUMA time management with the integration of the modules onto one data-basis, time and attendance recording connect via the access control terminal with everything including personnel payroll and simplifies your planning and administration.

Achieve success with the LUMA time management software

  • Efficient time and attendance recording using safe and secure automated procedures
  • Reduce personnel costs using flexi-time and flexible working models
  • Prompt action and reaction to task fluctuations in planning and management of the workforce
  • Automatic calculation of the wages
  • Increase in competitiveness and employee´s satisfaction by actively organising the working time

If you would like to know more about our options for time management, please contact us.

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